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Trusted Users
1 Cr+ Trusted Users
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10 Cr+ Daily Winnings
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Everyday Contest
1 Cr+ Trusted Users
1 Cr+
Trusted Users
10 Cr+ Daily Winnings
10 Cr+
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How To Ensure Earnings On PlayerzPot Fantasy Cricket?

Your favorite players are already in the action, and almost every match is going down to the last ball. So, are you playing the cricket this year? Well, if you are not, you are missing a whole lot of action.
Yes, now you can also participate in the ongoing matches with fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket is a great way to multiply the excitement of the game, and you can also win a lot of prizes and hard cash.
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Wondering How To Play The Fantasy Cricket League?

Well, today, we are going to answer all your question about online fantasy cricket. So, if you want to learn the game and win money, make sure your read this piece fully.

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is an exciting strategy game where you can create your own team and win real prizes if your team wins. For example, if you are playing the fantasy cricket league , you can create your own team for the upcoming match. You can choose player from both teams to create the best team of 11 players, and you will earn points according to the actual scores of your players. Based on how many points you score, you win prizes and even cash.
PlayerzPot is currently one of the biggest hubs for fantasy cricket games. We have carefully designed our gaming concepts to provide you with easy gameplay and greater chances of winning. We have several free and paid cricket leagues and contests, where you can participate easily and win money. Our fantasy cricket league is currently hosting thousands of players, and many have already won great prizes.
Fantasy cricket is rapidly gaining popularity today because of reliable platforms like PlayerzPot. We offer a highly safe platform where players can earn real cash without any risks. And our uniquely designed contests and tasks will just multiply the fun you are with the current cricket season.

How To Play Fantasy Cricket?

To play fantasy cricket contest, you must first download the PalyerzPot mobile app on your smartphone. Just visit Playerzpot.com and scan the QR code on the homepage. The code will redirect you to the application download option. Once downloaded, install the app and create your account with Google, Facebook, or phone number. Enter your name, age, and other details, and your PlayerzPot account will be created.
We have also taken special care that you can easily create your account. We allow one-click login via Google or Facebook, so you get your account created in a matter of minutes. Once the account is up your app homepage will show the list of ongoing matches that you can play. On top of the screen, you can see various sports like cricket, football, basketball, etc. So you can choose the sport you like and see the ongoing matches in that sport.
Well, it's the season so we will stick to the cricket. Once you click the cricket option, you can immediately see the upcoming matches and other leagues around the world. You can click on the match you want to play, and you will see the different pots available for that match. Different pots have different prizes that you can win by completing tasks.
And that's it. Isn't that really simple? Now let's understand how to make your team on the fantasy cricket app.

How To Create My Team For Fantasy Cricket?

To create your team in fantasy cricket, you need to start by selecting the match you want to play. Inside your PlayerzPot mobile app select your favorite match from the list, and you will be taken to the "Create Team" page.
The first option is to select a wicketkeeper. The wicketkeeper is a key player in the team as he will earn you points with his batting and his wicketkeeping. So, make sure that you choose the wicketkeeper for the upcoming match carefully.
The next option is to select the batsmen for your team. You can select anywhere between 3 to 6 batsmen for your team. Choose carefully as you can only have 11 players, and you will need bowlers as well. Once the batsmen are selected you can go on to select your all-rounder. You can have up to 4 all-rounders in your team, and all-rounders' points are calculated according to their batting and bowling stats in the match.
Finally, you can choose your bowlers, select the captain and the vice-captain, and your team is set. You can now save the team and enter one of the available pots for the match. Different pots have different prizes and entry fees. So, make sure you choose the right pot with greater chances of winning.
Now your work is done. The rest of the job, your players will do. Wait for the match and check how many points and prizes your team scores. PlayerzPot offers thousands of prizes, so you will surely be able to win. However, if you want to win the big prizes, you need to have something more than just luck.
Here are a few tips that can help you.

How To Win Fantasy Cricket Games?

Well, to win money you need to play intelligently. As you already know, cricket is a game of strategy, so you need to be able to form and execute a strategy if you want to win money with fantasy cricket games. Every day, thousands of players win prizes and cash on PlayerzPot and you can win too. Make sure to follow the tips given below.
  1. Pitch and Weather

    To understand how the players will perform in the upcoming, you must have a good idea about how the pitch and the weather would behave on that day. Make sure to check pitch reviews and weather forecasts. If the conditions suit the bowlers, make sure to choose an extra bowler in your team. Check the bounce and turn and choose the seamers and spinners accordingly, and if it is a batting pitch, get yourself the best hard hitters. If the pitch suits your selected players, there are higher chances of them scoring big. Therefore, understanding the pitch, and choosing your team accordingly greatly increases your chances of winning.
  2. Choose The Players Who Will Play

    Out of the entire squad, not every player will get the chance to bat or bowl. Sometimes the number 6 or 7 may not get to bat. Similarly, that captain may not give the bowl to a certain bowler if the pitch doesn't suit him. Now if your player doesn't play, you will get no points from him. So your goal should be to select players who have the maximum chance of scoring. Make sure to include the openers, key batsmen, and go-to bowlers of both teams, because these are the players who have the maximum chance of getting to bat or bowl.
  3. Wicket Keeper And All-Rounder

    The wicketkeeper and the all-rounder are very important for your fantasy cricket team. Your wicketkeeper will earn points for catches and stumpings, while the all-rounder will earn points for batting and bowling. So, these players have a chance of earning more points for you, and therefore, you must choose them carefully. Choose the best wicketkeeper from both teams to improve your chances of earning higher points.
    As all-rounders, you can select up to four players. However, you must not compromise your batting line-up, so make sure you choose a couple of all-rounders if they have a good chance of getting to bat and bowl as well. If not, take one good all-rounder and that would be sufficient.
  4. Captain and Vice-Captain

    You can choose any player as the captain and vice-captain of your team. These players don't have to be the captain and the vice-captain of the actual teams. So, you can select any player for these positions. However, your right choice will make a huge difference in your points tally. The captain of your team earns 2x points for you, while the vice-captain earns 1.5x points. So, they can really boost your scores.
    Therefore, make sure that you select active and in-form players as captain and vice-captain. An all-rounder or a wicketkeeper would be a great choice because these players earn extra points for their wicketkeeping and all-around performance.
  5. Choose The Right Pot

    Choosing the right pot is also important to ensure good prize money. Before choosing a pot, carefully check the prizes and features of every pot. Some pots have small fees and higher chances of winning, but the prizes may not be too big, while some have slightly higher fees and bigger prizes. PlayerzPot has carefully designed every pot to make sure that everyone has a chance to win. The entrance fees are minimal, and the prizes are huge. In some pots, more than 60% of players win prizes. If you are new to the game, the best option is to join pots with smaller prizes. And as you gain experience with the fantasy cricket game, you can gradually move to larger pots.

Why PlayerzPot Is The Best?

PlayerzPot is currently the best online platform for online fantasy cricket because of the several user-friendly features that we offer. Take a look.
  1. Many Sports

    At PlayerzPot, we cover many different sports so that you can enjoy playing any time you want. We have fantasy cricket, league matches, T10 matches, and different global domestic matches as well. So, you can play throughout the years and win prizes nonstop.
  2. Secure Gameplay

    For us, your security is of prime importance, and that's why we have developed a highly secure online fantasy cricket app for you. Our app will register an account only after robust verification of your phone number and email id. The Paytm account registered to your phone number will be the only Paytm withdrawal option on that account. These measures ensure your prizes reach you quickly and smoothly.
  3. Many Ways To Win

    We know everyone wants to win, and we see all our customers as winners. That's we offer many different ways to win cash with free fantasy cricket. The different pots for every match have almost guaranteed prizes. We also offer a highly profitable refer-to-win process. You can refer for an unlimited number of times, and every time your referrals play fantasy cricket you earn. So, refer as much as you can, and you can earn regular prizes for a lifetime.
  4. Easy Withdrawals

    We have also simplified the withdrawal systems for your convenience. You can directly withdraw your earnings to your registered Paytm account. That Paytm credit can be used for purchases, or you can transfer it to your account and get cash credit.
  5. So, Join Us Now!

    As you can see, we have left no stone unturned to ensure maximum winnings for you. So don't wait now. The matches are already on. So, download the PlayerzPot app now and start winning.
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"I tried playing quite a lot of Fantasy websites to make some cash but finally, I landed on PlayerzPot where not gaming becomes interactive and easy but also every day winning becomes assured.Worth the game."
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